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Sep 12

5 Industry Secrets That Many Polo T Shirt Printing Singapore Supplier Won't Tell You

Aren't there times when you discover a naughty secret and discover you're the only one who will be able to discern?

Are you thrilled when your favorite musician announces a surprise performance in your city and tickets are sold out in two minutes? This is known as FOMO.

It's difficult to not noticed, but don't be concerned about it. When it comes to custom corporate apparel such as your polo t shirt printing singapore, our goal is to maintain our clients up to date. This is the Aquaholic method.

There are some secrets in the industry that other printing companies apparel won't reveal to you today. we'll reveal five of them.

Are you prepared to create notes? Let's get started:

1. The quality of the service will be more significant than cost.

Screen printing, sublimation or cutting and sewing or any other custom methods for clothing in general, The quality should be the top importance.

We're sure you're trying to save as much money as you can, but cutting cuts on quality can cost you more ultimately.

If you have an clothing line that is customized, it is crucial to create products that people appreciate and would like to wear repeatedly and again.

If you cut a few corners to save some money but they will hurt your business in the final.

Let's suppose that you don't own an apparel store and are obliged to purchase collared shirts to the 500 employees in your company. What are your thoughts? The quality of your products is also important to you.

If you choose the least expensive products available, don't be surprised by the reports from your employees about holes in their clothes or damaged artwork or untidy stitching.

Custom-designed clothes that are cheap will cost you a lot of money when you need to purchase Polo jerseys for your team multiple times throughout the year. Don't make it a burden on yourself.

Do you believe that you should not purchase the cheapest products just because they're inexpensive? Let's move on to the next secret that's being shared across the industry.

2. The best supplier of polo t shirt printing is crucial.

For printing companies of  polo t shirt printing singapore , there are a variety of businesses. All of them aren't identical.

To ensure that you receive the best quality product, you must search for a company which can be trusted.

Are there any crucial aspects to look for in the polo shirt can be personalized through a vendor? Here are a few of the top qualities:

The capability to design high-quality clothes

This is fairly straightforward. You'll need a company who can create products that satisfy or exceed your requirements.

The industry of printing Polo shirts is constantly evolving and the leading manufacturers are always ahead of fashion. They invest in the latest technologies and also have a team of experts that are ready to tackle any job.

An understanding the value of your name

If your company's perception of your name is simply a symbol for money and that's all they're concerned with then you'll not get the same level of assistance and support you'd get from a company that is fully committed to your business.

A true partnership with printing companies for Polo shirts must be an honest and open exchange. You need to be able be confident that they will provide you with thoughtful feedback and ideas to help you expand your business.

The commitment to offer best customer service

When working with a custom-made polo shirt manufacturer, it is important to feel like you're the only customer. They should be responsive to your needs and are available to address any questions you might have.

You have no evidence to suggest you're being overlooked or that your concerns will not be addressed.

With the correct custom-fit clothing experts, your project will be protected from the beginning until the end.

3. Select the method of imprint that is most appropriate for the purpose of your polo t shirt printing in Singapore

Direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing (DTG) printing are one of the most popular printing methods to print custom Polo T-shirt printing in Singapore. Although they're distinct they both have distinct advantages.

The pros of screen printing and pros and

Screenprinting is an best alternative for brands in the clothing industry who are looking to create durable, vibrant products. While the setup process may take a few minutes, it's much faster to produce large-scale orders than DTG can provide.

For large orders , screen printing is the most economical option for large orders.

Pros and negatives of screen printing

Screen printing is more expensive than DTG in smaller quantities. If you're buying items that are printed on screen, usually you'll need to pay the minimum order quantity (MOQ) which isn't the most suitable option if you only require two or three products.

At Aquaholic the minimum order quantity of the screen print that is ready for retail is 50 copies.

The benefits from DTG printing

DTG creates photorealistic images. It's great for clothing manufacturers that want to print complex designs or need a quick turnaround time for a small amount of products. With DTG there's no requirement for orders to be placed within a specified quantity.

Furthermore, DTG gets an A+ for sustainability, as its inks are eco-friendly.

The pros and cons of DTG printing

DTG is more expensive than screen prints when the order is larger. DTG prints last less as screen print. If durability is one of your main goals, then screen printing is the most effective choice.

Printing on screens is one of the services we offer at Aquaholic

Many of our customers are looking to expand their clothing business or getting custom polo shirt printing for a team of at least 50. Since screens are the most efficient method to go with when you require large quantities of orders We decided to provide the most efficient screen printing solutions offered by any company.

4. For large orders, bulk manufacturing is a solution that is less expensive than printing-on-demand.

A lot of brands of clothing opt for print-on-demand (POD) to meet their requirements for customizing their apparel. It's great for small orders, but it's not the most effective option for large-scale orders.

A bulk production (a.k.a. when custom-designed apparel is produced in large quantities at the same time) is an ideal option for apparel businesses that need to place orders for up to 500 pieces.

The primary advantage of making in the bulk is that it's more affordable than POD in large quantities. If you order in the bulk, you'll have the possibility of gaining price reductions. The price per unit is reduced according to the amount of orders placed.

Our customers frequently visit us to purchase large quantities of polo shirts with the same quality they think of purchasing from a POD. We are able to provide our clients with top-of-the-line clothes at a fraction of the cost per item.

5. There's no reason to sacrifice speed to quality.

If you need the custom apparel quickly does not mean you should reduce the quality. If you hear someone say they're not lying, they're probably lying (or perhaps they're wrong).

The trick is to locate the perfect company that will offer the stunning super-soft, luxurious clothes you'll be proud to wear.

Aquaholic is proud for being able to provide our clients with excellence and speed. We understand that time is crucial and that's the reason we never waste any time.

We provide lightning-fast delivery times and options for expedited delivery. Need a quick turnaround for your polo t shirt printing Singapore ? Contact us for a discussion of the timeline for your order. We'll notify you if we're in a position to meet the deadline.

Are you willing to take your brand's image to the the next step?

Let's strive for our goals together. Our team is excited to meet you.


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