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What is the Impact of the Climate Change on Trees?

Jul 1


Since 1900, the average temperature on the earth has risen by just a little over two degrees Fahrenheit. However, the vast majority of the extreme climate and weather changes actually occurred after the year 1980. We're referring to things like flooding and drought.


How do forests get affected by the climate change? Trees, similar to people find themselves comfortable in an area with specific conditions for growth. They're not in a position to adjust when the environment alters quickly. This can create stress and lead to other issues that need extra care.

Let's find out more about the impacts of climate change on tree species to better understand the way your trees are responding. The best option is hiring gravel georgetown ky.

Climate Change and Trees the Winners and losers

What are the impacts of climate change on trees? It has actually impacted trees quite in a significant way. The West has suffered a severe drought that has led to massive death of trees and also bark beetle infestations. However the Northeast has seen an increase in rainfall that has led to increased the productivity of trees and increased growth.


Different tree species have different responses to this change.


But those "losing" trees are not the only ones to suffer. The story is very specific for each species, specifically those that are located within the southernmost part of their zones of hardiness. Birch trees in Michigan are a good example. They are not heat- or drought-tolerant , which means they suffer from extreme weather conditions. White pine trees located in New England can't handle the increased disease pressure due to the higher precipitation and humidity. Additionally, trees in the West face difficult conditions as a result of wildfires.


Changes in Climate Change on Tree Diseases and Pests

Because winters are becoming too cold, certain insects are making their way north to places they weren't able to survive before. For instance, the southern pine beetle native to the Southeast U.S. has migrated north into places where it's not previously been. This pest is killed by temperatures that can drop to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and it's no longer this cold in these states. Here tree service georgetown KY is the perfect option to get all these.


We are also seeing an increase in the number of generations of insects as a result of changes in the climate. The seasons of growth are longer than ever before.


Tree Planting Impacts On Climate Change

Climate change may affect the growth of trees, but there are also impacts on climate. According to Lawn Worx, trees provide shade, which reduces electricity consumption as well as air conditioning expenses. Trees can also help reduce stormwater runoff which is becoming more important as the volume of rainfall and heavy rain increases. Trees also store carbon and store it in the soil.

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