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Be sure to make a sound decision before you replace or repair the roof

Jun 22


It is not something homeowners wish to take on. Your roof is an essential part of the structure of your home. So, regardless of whether you decide to choose the repair or replacement of your roof, you should complete the job before the minor roof issues turn into structural damage.

How can you tell whether your roof can be repaired , or is required to be completely replaced? We are licensed roofing contractors and would love to help you make this crucial decision on your finances.

Signs that you need a an upgrade to your roof

Are you ready to replace your roof or can your roof be repaired? Here are the signs you're in need of a complete roof replacement.

The roof is damaged in many places.

If the damage to your roof is limited to a part of your roof, it could be possible to increase the life expectancy of your roof. In the end, skilled roofing company in the pittsburgh Pennsylvania area with your spare roofing shingles can repair leaks and repair damaged roofing material.


If the roof leaks across multiple places or you're paying for "a couple" shingles per year it might be time to replace the whole roof.


There is a concern about matching roof shingles.

Your house is your castle, and you work hard to increase its curb appeal. There's a chance that you've had asphalt shingles replaced. While your roof isn't any leaks, it may be a good idea to change your asphalt shingles.


Repairing your roof is no longer cost-effective.

While a complete roof replacement can be costly however, it's much less expensive than regular roof repairs. You can save money over the long haul by removing the old roof and replacing it using the latest roofing materials.


Your roof is approaching its sell-by-date.

Asphalt roofs aren't designed to last forever. Actually, if you make two decades from roofing systems in an area that experiences extreme weather or severe UV rays, you're lucky.


Your roof's not in compliance with current building standards.

Did you know that a lot of areas have strict building regulations which limit the number of layers that you can put on a roof? If you have already two layers of shingles on your roof then you may be required to do a complete roof replacement on the next time. Roofers in Pittsburgh can help you find the most appropriate estimate for the roof.


Your home is suffering from structural damage.

Your residential roof is an essential part of the construction of your home. If your roof is neglected for a number of years it is possible that you will observe warning signs of minor damage to various parts of the structure. For instance, roof damage can result in nails popping out of the wood within the house, damage to the deck of your roof, or a sagging roof.


For a professional roof inspection, call the roofing contractor

The roofing companies aren't the same. Steadfast Roofing is a trusted commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA. There are many locations throughout the United States. The specialists who repair storm damage roofs will be happy to fix leaks on the roof or replace any damaged shingles. If repairs aren't feasible, we can provide partial or complete roof replacements.

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